Tuesday, March 22, 2011

happy birthday daddy!

I interviewed Kroten to see what he knows about his daddy. Lets just say the results were inconclusive. (I have filled in the real answers for your information and cause we really do love him.) 

Q: What is daddy's name?
A: "Jared"

Q: How old is daddy?
A: "two and a half. Old to play football."
Not sure if he would want me to tell the real age, but it is definitely old enough to play football.

Q: What is his favorite color?
A: "uhm, how about Green. Or purple, or red, oh how about green."

Q: what does daddy like to eat?
A: "uhhm pizza"
cinnabons and milkshakes or anything with too much sugar.

Q: What is daddy's favorite sport?
A: "How about daddy play football. he falls and dropped the football."
he likes football but I think his favorite is baseball. 

Q: what is daddy's favorite animal?
A: "daddys aminal is oink oink."
cats. I think. Not pigs, not sure where little man got that one. 

Q: What is daddy's favorite candy?
A: "Oh, I want candy."
juju bees.

Q: what do you like to do with daddy?
A: "uhmmm play"

Q: what do you like to play with daddy?
A: "guitar"
guitar hero. 

Q: what kind of car does daddy drive?
A: "yellow. actually a white one."
actually a white one. 

Q: where is daddy right now?
A: "at work"
he was at school

Q: how much do you love daddy?
A: "I am watching this movie."
too much to be able to tell you how much.

Q (repeated for quality assurance): how much do you love daddy?
A: "good"
way more than good!!!

Jared, I swear he loves you more than good.




Deidra Smith said...

Lol! Fun post. Happy birthday!

Older Moss said...

Happy bday Jared!

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Michele Alger said...

LOVE IT! what a great idea!! The picture is classic. ;)