Thursday, March 17, 2011

green day.

St. pattys day isn't really that big of a deal to me, I just like to dress up in green, but today was a fun laid back day. It was a nice st pattys day.

we went to an indoor play place with our friend rory (and audrey, but she wasn't there yet when we took the picture.)

And by the way, Kroten and Rory are going to make the cutest couple. And I will tuck this picture away in a safe place incase it comes in handy someday...

Then I came home and cooked, as close as I know how to, a traditional irish meal. It was corned beef, cabbage and dill mashed potatoes. Oh and root beer, since we dont drink thats as close as I could get.

Maybe I like st patricks day after all.


Kim said...

OK, you even made a traditonal Irish meal today? You are super woman in my book. I was lucky to get some green on even my kiddos today, and that only happened becasue my 4 yr. old reminded me it was St. Patricks Day today1

Those are some stinkin cute pictures, and some stinkin cute kiddos. Lovethe pic. of Kroten and Rory :)

Katie said...

Cute pictures, I love Kemiry's pink and green outfit! And Kroten was born for St Patty's Day with his red hair! That root beer looks good btw, yum!