Sunday, February 27, 2011

snow day

It snowed... and stuck... here in eugene... it was a treat.  

Incase you are not from these parts, I say treat because it comes for one day, school, work, church or any other event that requires you to go out of your house, is cancelled, and then it melts, and goes away till next year. 

It was a fun day. 

We taught k man how to catch snow flakes...

and to build a snow man...

He basically loved it.

then drank cocoa...

Then got a big boy haircut which he didn't shed one tear for... he is such a big boy.

and the baby slept through the whole thing!

It was a good day.


Katie said...

How does he not shed a tear while getting a haircut??? Raleigh has a meltdown. Anyway, that snow looks so fun! Did you show him the pics of Rexburg snow when he was a baby?

Kirsten said...

I want to see after pics of the hair cut, PLEASE!!! : )

Kim said...

Cute pictures of your little man...but where was the baby? :)

You are a way better mom than me, I didn't even go help build a swnowman this time...I just watched them play through the window-It was too cold!

BECKY said...

good day indeed!
the pic of him huggin the snowman is THE CUTEST!
the face he is making in his hair cute pic is SOOOO much like jared!!!