Monday, February 28, 2011

we love bath time.

Bath time in our house is FUN! Both kids LOVE bath time. 

Kroten has gotten big enough to kinda chill in the bath by himself. I will run around the house doing things and check on him every few minutes, its kinda nice to get him out of the way for a little while. 

The other day, he yelled for me, so I ran in there thinking that maybe something was wrong. He had his feet up on the side of the tub and said look what I can do. It was so cute. He was so proud of himself.

Kemiry KICKS and kicks and kicks during her bath. She talks and giggles and plays, its like a whole new baby when she is in the bath. Jared even says, next time she is in a mood, he is just going to put her in the bath. 

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ErinandShane said...

I used to plop Emma in the bath when she was being a brat. It worked almost every time.