Monday, February 14, 2011

out of body experience.

Today we were at the park. I was changing Kem's diaper and I looked over and saw this...

You must know that last summer, Kroten would not go down this slide to save his life... and now look at him. 

It was the weirdest moment, suddenly I was 18 again looking at my life, it was as though I, just then at that moment, realized what I have.

I have a son. He is two. He has red hair. I am a MOM! I have spent the last two years, every single day, with him. I love him, at times I have hated him, but he is mine. 

Then I came back to reality and ran to grab my camera.

Then, it happened again, while I was pushing kem on the swing. It was like an out of body experience, like looking down on your life and seeing how truly awesome it is.

I have a daughter, a beautiful baby girl. When did she get big enough to sit in a swing at the park? She is just beautiful.

I seriously was thinking, when did I get two kids? How did I get to be 25? How did we get here?

Life has been so fast and crazy and busy that I think I forgot to breath for the last 5 years. I have been holding my breath, and at this very moment in the park, today, I breathed for the first time. It was like in the movies when everything around you is going fast, but your in slow motion. It was really like that.

Wow, life is really great.

And God has been so good to me.


Michele Alger said...

I have had those moments too! Where suddenly you see things. as they are. for the first time. We ARE blessed!!!

Matthew and Hillary said...

Amen sister! I definitely have those moments and I wonder to myself, how did I get to be so blessed? I blink and months are going by!

Katie said...

Amen! They are gorgeous children who have wonderful parents, blessings all around!! Happy V-day!

Lemme said...

I have those all the time...but it's with stupid stuff. I'll look at my hand and think, "This is my hand...I'm telling my brain to make my hand type...I have a hand..." Wow, now I just sound like an idiot...but it's really weird.

Margaret said...

As always, I love your posts!

P.S. We have to get together sometime.