Wednesday, February 02, 2011

the joy of LOVE

I joined up with this awesome photographer who is doing a FREE 28 day photo class. (its not too late to sign up click here.)This is an awesome opportunity. She will be sending out an email everyday with a tutorial on making your pictures better and a topic of the day. I will be joining in with tons of others to learn more and challenge myself to take better pictures.

The idea is to pick a person or persons that you love and photograph them every day, using the topic she sends each day. I have three valentines, but I am choosing to capture Kroten because most days, he is the hardest one to love. But I do love him, and I think if I focus my efforts from this project on him, I will find more and more and more reasons that I love him. 

So are you ready for lots and lots of photos of kman? (I promise to throw kem kem in the mix too, how could I not, she is so darn cute.)

Lets get photographing!


carizolli said...

I just signed up :) Thanks for the link, Kristen!

LeaAnne said...

Thanks for the info I love doing these!