Sunday, January 02, 2011

on resolutions and such...

I will be the first to tell you that I have no will power. Jared will gladly back me up on that. I am not proud of it, but it is true. But instant gratification is so good...right?

Jared on the other hand has enough will power for both of us. (I just wish his will power could knock a few pounds off my waist.) 

Last year Jared made a new years resolution to not drink soda for a whole year. "pshaw, good luck" I said (he really likes his soda.) But guess what... HE DID IT! One whole year without one soda. At midnight on new years, he had his first drink of soda, and the next day slowly but surely polished off a wild cherry pepsi. 

So now that I have seen it done, people really can keep there new years resolutions... I am pretty determined to do it myself. I am not giving anything up... that would be far to hard, but I will do something. My resolution is to read from the scriptures everyday, at least a little. And Jared agreed to do it with me. I am really excited for this, because my resolutions always have to do with me and something I want, something I need, something so selfish. But this year, I am hoping that if I put God first and strive to improve myself spiritually, that I will feel better about myself and accomplish some other big goals in 2011. 

Oh, and I want to loose weight!

Cheers to will power!

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