Thursday, January 13, 2011

H-E-double hockey sticks.

If I knew that everyday for the rest of my life would be like the last two days, I would not fear death, unless of course, I knew that I was going to hell, then I would fear greatly, because I am pretty sure that it would be like the last two days.


Deidra Smith said...

Lol. I guess I shouldn't laugh if you are in such misery, but it was still a humurous post . . . and I have to say I've felt the same way at times:) Hope the next couple of days are a lot better!

ErinandShane said...

Most intriguing title, I hope you get a lot of comments because it really made me giggle.

It sounds like you need a babysitter, and a papered day. Go visit Sam or get your hair done, have somebody watch the babies you deserve it!

p.s. On days like this I like to buy myself flowers too. It helps me avoid the chocolate.

Katie said...

Yeah, I agree with your other friend, take a day off! Pump some milk and leave it all behind for a bit, you need some balance. The only thing I can ever think of to do for some free time is sleep, so be more creative than me and do something fun! lol, love ya!

BECKY said...

that good, eh?!
i hope the weekend is better! hugs!