Sunday, January 02, 2011

Bring it on 2011

I am not going to lie... 2010 was not my favorite year, actually I am sad to say that it may have been my worst. I love my kem kem and I am grateful that 2010 brought her to me, but I was sick and pregnant for half of the year, achey and pregnant for the other half and postpartum and fat for the last half.


2011 is going to be my best year yet. I just know it, I feel it... it is going to be awesome!

I am ready for changes that only a new year can bring. I plan on being a whole new me. 

I will strive to come closer to my Heavenly Father.
I will loose ALL the baby weight.
I will be a better mom
I will be a better wife.
I will be a better and freaking awesome photographer.

and best of all, the coup de graw, the cherry on top of the awesomely awesome planned year,

I will be a better me.

But please don't expect there to be no bad parts, because I am a pessimist at heart, but again, it's going to be awesome!


Sam and Josh said...

three half's make more than one...just saying! I love you Kristen, and I know you will be able to do amazing things this year! It is great that you are setting goals and striving to improve yourself! I hope we can all keep our 2011 goals in mind, as we go about this new year!

Katie said...

You can do it Kristen!! I look forward to seeing what you accomplish in 2011! You are awesome!

BECKY said...

yay for goals! mine mostly are about being closer to the savior too... us mom's need that!
and tell jared congrats on no soda... go him!