Wednesday, January 26, 2011

kemiry k, your 6 months old today.

6 months... wait, that is half a year. WOW. When you think of it like that, it boggles my mind.

This month has been an eventful one for kem kem

at 6 months she can...

fall off the couch
laugh and laugh and laugh
roll over

grab and hold toys
eat everything
blow raspberries
lights up when she sees daddy
eat carrots

scream loudly
still sleeps swaddled
still wakes up in the middle of the night :(
loves brother


BECKY said...

eliza doesn't like carrots :(
we have that same spoon!

her eyelashes just kill me!

Katie said...

Haha,I love to hear your laugh in the video Kristen! (Hope that's not creepy, lol!) Anyway, that girl is so precious : )

Ashlee said...

i just need to print out everything you write about Kemiry each month and put William's name down instead. I am sure glad you are a good mom and keep track of what your child does. :)
p.s. She is BEAUTIFUL!

Lemme said...

I love her butterfly shirt in the rolling over video...she's sooo stinkin' CUTE!

Ging said...

Just returning from the great beyond and checking in on favorite bloggers. It feels like the last time I had a minute Kem was a newborn. Oh how sweet she is. Biased or not- you are correct, she is lovely.

Kim said...

She is so cute Kristen! You and Jared do good need to have lots and lots of babies! Ditto with the whole mind boggleing 1/2 year thing...where did the time go...and why am I not in my regular pants? lol