Wednesday, January 05, 2011

HELP!!! there's a monster in our house.

I know I complain, I know I am negative, I know that people who read my blog probably think that my life is horrible and that it is SOO hard. I know I know. But most of the time I post these things, not as a means to receive sympathy or advice, but more as a place to vent.

This post, however, is different. I need sympathy, I need advice, I need a swift butt kick, anything you can give, please comment. Please answer my questions. This is not a venting post, this is a plea for help. 

Why is two so terrible?

-How do YOU endure this stage of terribleness?
-What do you do when they won't go to bed?
-What do you do when they scream NO at you at the top of their lungs?
-What do you do when they throw shoes or cars at you?
-What do you do when they scream like someone is murdering them when you put them back to bed at 4 am?
-What do you do when they slap you across the face?
-What do you do when they won't go potty all by themselves?
-What do you do when you can get NOTHING done because they need attention and mommy play time 24/7?
-What do you do when you feel bad for spanking them a little too hard?
-What do you do when they unfold all the laundry you just folded?
-How do you feel about locking them in their room at bedtime cause they won't stay in there?
-What do you do when they ask for something and then proceed to throw it across the room?
-What do you do when they hit their little sister?
-What do you do when you just want to get on your knees and beg them to stop?
-How do you not give into their every whimsy so that they wont throw a tantrum?
-What do you do when they do exactly what you just said not to do?
-What do you do when they won't eat?
-Do you ever feel like you just want them to go away, like you don't like them?
-What do you do when they cry outside the bathroom door while you pee?
-What do you do when they scream all the way through bedtime routine?
-What do you do when they are perfect angels around other people and a devil when no one is looking?
-What do you do when they roar at you?

-How do you like, let alone, LOVE, a two year old?

PLEASE HELP... at this point I will pretty much try anything. 


BECKY said...

not a clue! I hope you can share answers with me soon!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Brenley said...

I am SO right there with you! Every single question you asked I completely relate to COMPLETELY!! All I have figured out with my son is that he has been one month good and one month a terrible monster. And he really feeds off of my frustration and impatience with him. And what I hate the most is that I have to change my parenting tactics every two weeks or so, nothing stays working no matter what I try. And I feel like all day long I am worried that what ever I do or am not doing is going to negatively affect his life in the long run and it scares me to death.

Katie said...

Oh Kristen, I love ya! Your new years resolutions should help with that! I hope so, because its mine too! Pray, read scriptures, ask Heavenly Father what he would have you do. Ask him for comfort.

Wow, I've really gotta take my own advice sometimes, that was good, lol!

Evan & Tricia Sanders said...

i am right there with ya. EVERY Singe day is a trial and you just pray to get through. I am a big advocate of locking them in there room at night. That is how madi learned to stay there, she still has some trouble but not as bad as it used to be. As for everything else i am at my wits end also, good luck.

Older Moss said...

hmmmmm, good questions! Mothers all over the world have been asking those same ones since the beginning of time!
Actually I do have an scream and yell back, you paddle their butts, you hug and kiss them, you let them stay up late and watch a movie with you, you forget the dust and crumbs and read them a story or take them to a have a YW come over for a service project and you go get some chocolate with a friend! me, i will take you out for ice cream. Mom Moss

Matthew and Hillary said...

Mom Moss can I come, too? Yes I wonder many of those same questions. The only thing I find that helps is making sure I stay in control of my attitude. That means I HAVE to read my scriptures and pray to start out the day NO MATTER WHAT and then pray with all my might that I can not lose it with my stubborn stubborn child. That means a lot of times I don't get much done during the day, but my kid is still alive at the end of the day and not shipped off to the other side of the world until he is past this stage.

Deidra Smith said...

It sounds like you've already got a lot of good advice and sympathy, so I'll just add: Yes it does get better!!!! Some of them pull out of it quicker than others-but overall they do pull out of it. And speaking from experience I comepletely agree with Matthew and hillary's post. Scriptures and Prayer help your attitude. And that is really important. I've had some kids that I way way lost it with, and had a lot of backtracking to do to reassure them of my love and bond with them again. I had others that I let it slide off my back better and just tried to be patiently consistent with them. Way better outcome!!! You'll make it. This too shall pass, really!!!
I remember a while ago you said you just felt like running away sometimes. Do it! Not for days, but for a few hours. Feed yourself a little bit here and there with some of your favorite no stress activities and then you'll be able to help your kids more. Even things like visiting teaching while your kids stay with a babysitter can do wonders for you (grown up time with good conversation is great!)

Hunt Family said...

Call me anytime Kristen, I'd love to talk. Seriously, I've seen it all at that age.Call me: 623-237-2863. I really like the book "The Power of Positive Parenting" by Dr. Latham. Look for it on Amazon. It's life changing. --take it easy, remember he's not just a 2 year old, but a little person. You are up to the task. You will be amazed at how this time will make you grow as a person.


danijackson865 said...

I have heard that 3 is worse than 2. And if that is true, you should probably enjoy whatever mess he is making now because it will only get worse. But, for both our sakes, I hope it's not true.