Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kaman is F..O..U..R ... 4

K man's birthday is tomorrow and he is VERY excited. I feel like a bad mom, because I am refusing to host a friend party this year. I just want to avoid the mess and the drama and the work. But I am more than happy and very excited to spoil my big guy with some one on one time with mommy tomorrow. Daddy has to work, and I have a sitter all lined up for kem, and we have some exciting plans.

So for the next 24 hours, I plan on posting updates of his big bash. 

I love you little man, one day your going to be a big man, but for now lets enjoy being just four. 


Katie said...

How fun!! What a great idea to get a sitter, I might have to steal that in July! I can't believe our babies are four this year (and yes I will say that every year) lol! Happy birthday Kroten! I'll always remember holding you in the hospital and getting so excited for my own baby boy : ) Can't wait to see updates of his special day!!

Mama B said...

Happy Birthday Kroten!! We did the same for Mac's 4th. No friend party, just a small family party and a big fun day of all daddy and mommy (no baby sister) and lots of fun things. I loved it and I am sure Mac loved it too. So I wouldn't feel bad at all!!!

BECKY said...

you definitely made it a big day for him!