Thursday, March 22, 2012

happy birthday loverboy...

Yes, I call him lover boy. Yes, he deserves the name. No, he is not ashamed to admit it. Yes, Today was his birthday and he is getting old {shhh, don't tell him I told you.}

I love this man, he is such a good father and husband. He is truly the hardest working human being I have ever known, and has the work ethic of a stallion (not sure if stallions have good work ethic, but you see where I am going with that.) 

I tried to let him sleep in, sadly in this house it is hard to do with the kids screaming in the room adjacent to our bedroom. But alas, at 9:30 he awoke and the kids and I surprised him with breakfast in bed and a jolly and jumbled rendition of "happy birthday."

I know with complete certainty, that he will kill me when he sees that I have posted this picture, but I love love love it especially kroten's lively expression while singing said birthday song. 

And to prove that he is truely the best father in the world, he gobbled his FAVORITE breakfast so that he could wrestle with the kiddies...

Then he went to work :(... told you... he is a stallion, or something like that. 

Happy Birthday babe, I love you!

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BECKY said...

stallion hubs are awesome! happy bday jared!