Sunday, March 11, 2012

success finally.

Finally a successful healthy dinner experiment. If you cannot tell I have a habit of failing at experimental cooking.

Tonight I made up this concoction of chicken and sausage and stewed tomatoes and served it over rice.  Brown rice! It was a little spicy and sooo yummy. And to top it off I actually made kale chips. I put too much salt and cooked them too long and they were still good. The kids even ate them. I wonder what they are like when you do them right?

And this morning I made breakfast cookies (Thanks tina) I will most def post that recipe. We loved them. Great for a daylight savings Sunday. Glad I made them last night. :/


BECKY said...

breakfast cookies! way excited to try those! share soon!

Mama B said...

We are trying to do the healthy eating too. It's expensive and alot of work but I am happy with how much better I feel and with my kids not getting any junk to add to their craziness.