Monday, June 20, 2011

a short term fix for three year old boredom.

A small problem we have around our house is boredom. With summer it is getting better, but the house still needs to get cleaned, the baby still needs to be fed and I still need down time, we cannot spend 24 hours a day at the park. So it is an unavoidable fact... kroten gets a little bored. I found this little trick the other day and he ate it up...

I just took a needle and sturdy thread (made sure he knew it was pokey) and give him a jar of buttons and bead and let him go to town. It was awesome and kept him occupied for a little while. Plus it helps with fine motor skills!

try it.

PS... I am a HORRIBLE blogger, one of these days I will dedicate a whole day to catching up... be ready there is ALOT!

1 comment:

Katie said...

Love it! That's a great idea! Can't wait for the catch up day, it'll be MY boredom killer... lol.