Friday, June 03, 2011

astoria oregon

6 years ago Jared Proposed to me in a small town called Astoria at the very tippy top of Oregon. This last weekend we loaded up the car and headed up there for a getaway with the kids.

The Astoria column is a 125 foot tower. It is in place because this is the spot that lewis and clark ended their expedition in 1805. There are 164 stairs to the top. We climbed it...

Kroten climbed all 164 stairs all by himself. I was very proud, as was he.

at the bottom you can buy gliders and throw them off the tower and watch them glide down all 125 feet. Ours both got stuck in a tree.

And then we stopped at the beach that jared proposed at long enough to take this picture... (it was cold and very windy)

This is us 6 years ago at this same spot... (I wonder what the girl in this picture would think if she saw the picture above... Ill save that thought for a whole different post. )


BECKY said...

adorable post! great pics and happy memories!

Katie said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of y'all on the beach is awesome!! Crazy to think how much can change in such a short time!

LeaAnne said...

I think that girl in the picture would be so excited to meet YOU.. You are so great, fun, talented, BEAUTIFUL, outgoing, loving, brave & most of all you are a GREAT: