Tuesday, June 07, 2011

kemiry k your ten months old today...

ok, so I am a little behind! I swear I have a nine month picture, but time just got away form me and I never got it posted. You will see it soon.

Sweet baby girl at ten months old you...
are teething all the time
grind your teeth
have 3 teeth and one more on the way
giggle and giggle
like to rough house like brother
are super ticklish
like to play with your tongue
wave like a big girl now
eat and eat and eat 
eat lots of solid foods
cannot crawl yet but army crawl all over the house
pull yourself up to standing
share a room with brother
are in 12 month clothes
weigh 18 lbs.
finally drink out of a sippy cup
say mama and dada
are a mama's girl


Katie said...


Mama B said...

Great job on the bow!!! She is so cute!


Ging said...

These posts are such a fantastic way to chart her progress. She is growing so much and gets prettier and prettier

Meliss said...

...love to eat ice cream off of Kroten's fingers, clap your hands a lot, and look super cute in white and neon orange polka-dot dresses! Miss you guys :)