Tuesday, December 07, 2010

so be good for goodness sakes

Our trip to santa was MUCH better this year than last year. There was NO line. Santa had a real beard and he... get this... even asked what they wanted for christmas. Neither of them cried, and we were in and out in 5 minutes. And they gave them a coloring book.  I think kman even understands a little because when kroten saw santa, he was a little scared, but he said "presents!"

Aren't they cutie pies?  Kem's face says it all!

We haven't used the "you better be good or santa won't come" method yet, but I am thinking about using it soon.


Ging said...

Awesome picture. Your babe is growing into a lovely little thing.

Michele Alger said...

Love the picture too! Where did you take em? I always love the one at V.R.C. especially before the Christmas rush hits!

The Leon Family said...

Kemiry looks just like when you were a baby Kristen. I'm seeing it more and more as she gets older. What a cutie:)