Sunday, September 04, 2016

My girly girl

Kem Kem is such a girly girl. I don't know  where she got it. It is fascinating to me that they come to earth with such distinct personalities. Today she was particularly girly, we went to bath and body works (the smelly store) and tried on as many lotions as we could handle. She learned to find the "try me" bottles. 
Later she put stickers on her fingernails. The best she could find was batman. I am sure she would have chosen something else if she had access to it. 

When we were home for the evening she dressed up, this is a normal occurance, however tonight she managed to pair two different shoes together to create high heel boots. It gave us a good laugh, but it was actually a pretty good idea. 

What am I going to do as she grows up?

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