Saturday, August 11, 2012

my litles!

I may be a little bias, but I think that I make cute babies. You must know that in the past, a formal photo session of my kids does NOT go well, but I take photos of other peoples kids and the only pictures of my own children are snapshots. Plus Kman has been asking me where the photo shoot is since I leave once or twice a week to go to the photo shoot. So we went out and did our own photo shoot. It was WAY better this time than in the past. I think I like them growing up a little, but I will miss them being little. Glad I could catch it so I can remember.

(please ignore the logo, I posted these on my business Facebook page and I am too lazy to re-size them again for the blog.)

Se did really well till about half way through when she put on this pouty face and repeated "all done."


Katie said...

Goodness gracious your kids are so dang cute!! That little Kem is getting blonde! Love the pics Kristen, you are so talented : )

Teresa said...

These are gorgeous photos! You DO make cute babies!