Saturday, August 18, 2012

Does this make me a tri-athelete

Yep... I did a triathlon
yes... I cried (in the middle)
yes... I almost gave up (in the middle)
no... I did not give up
yes... I finished
no... I did not enjoy the bike portion
no... I was not sore the next day (crazy right)
yes... I ate olive garden bread sticks afterwards
yes... I did it with my bestest friend in the whole world
yes... she kicked my butt at the bike portion (by 15 minutes)
yes... I kicked her butt at the swim portion (by 3 minutes)
no... I did not run the whole run portion
heck yes... I wanna do it again
YES... I will train more for it next time

almost done...


Katie said...

That is SO COOL!! Your stake did that?? I would love more info about how they ran that activity and how much it cost, could you email me? kmbsorensen at gmail : )

Mr. and Mrs. Hillarious said...

You go girl! I can't stand swimming I've discovered, so not sure I could ever do a triathalon.

ErinandShane said...

Wow, super impressed!

Teresa said...

WAY TO GO, both of you! What a feeling of accomplishment. I'm so proud of you!

BECKY said...