Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Then and now.

I remember seeing this movie in theaters when i was a kid. Now i am sitting here watching it with my babies in 3D. Crazy. i was thinking that if someone told me when i was 15 that i would see lion king in 3D (Or any movie for that matter) with my kids in the theater i don't know if i would have believed them. Life is fun!


Karen said...

We watched it this weekend too, Kit wanted it as one of her birthday presents. I loved it and I am NOT a fan of 3D. The whole time I kept remembering my girls when they where little playing Lion King. Tori always was simba and she would roar and they all would roar back, then they'd fight like the lions. Wonder if that's what made it so good for me?

Katie said...

Wow, crazy!! I didn't know it was in 3D! Life is amazing.