Friday, September 23, 2011

state fair

JARED IS THE BEST HUSBAND IN THE WHOLE WORLD. My blog is the best way i can think to shout that from the roof tops. With the exception of few occasions, he is the most considerate and thoughtful man I have ever met. I am sad to report that I am not sure that I would have done this for him.
(Editors Note: Jared hates, nay, despises country music.) Jared surprised me with tickets to see THE BAND PERRY at the state fair. I was giddy for days in excitement. And it was as awesome as I expected. We didn't have the best seats, and it was crowded so we moved to the way back where no one was sitting and we just sat, all alone, his arm around me while I belted my lungs out singing my favorite songs. BEST DATE EVER!!!! 
Here is how it went...
Scary upside down ride. 


Jared won a prize playing ski ball. And then he took it home for kem kem. See I told you he is considerate.

Wait did I already say... BEST DATE EVER!


BECKY said...

so fun :)

Katie said...

Your hair is lookin' super cute Kristen! Looks like a fun date night!!

Danielle said...

It is the best when your husband does stuff her would not normally do for you. We are going to the Masquerade ball next month and my hubby does not like to dance. Looks like you guys had so much fun.