Thursday, September 22, 2011

Leaving the nest...sort of.

I took this pic of kman while camping this weekend. I thought it was all too appropriate for this post.  I couldn't help but be in awe of the contrast of this little dude in his pj's and the great big world around him. Didn't even make the connection that a few days later I would be throwing him into the big world. 

Incase you need to be brought up to speed... Kman started preschool today. I am very excited for him, and he is very excited for it, but I may or may not have choked up a little. (my hubby didnt even notice so that is how little.)

I love this little man and I am so excited for him to start learning and growing. I am grateful for people who are trained to help him do that. I am also grateful for the big fat 2 and a half hour break from his CRAZINESS each day.

When he came out of the preschool his teacher made a point to tell me that he demanded his juice right at the beginning and then later demanded his snack promptly. I told the teacher that he is very strong willed, she replied "so am I." Hopefully this means he will learn some patience and respect. I had no idea he was so bossy.
I LOVE YOU kman. Just remember who you are, OK!


rachel said...

That picture of him riding his bike... (((gasp))) Love it.

Katie said...

He is so handsome! Raleigh is pretty demanding too, 3 year olds are insane I think. Man, who knew this crazy parenting ride would take SO MUCH patience it doesn't even seem possible?? Gotta love 'em though, gotta love 'em...

Margaret said...

Not only do you have a gift for taking also have a gift for words. Love u.