Sunday, August 14, 2011

front facers.

Two kids in front facing car seats! Its interesting the things that make you reflect on life. I cant believe we are officially a two car family with two big kids. Life is Wonderful and crazy and fast, awesome and stressful... I cant believe i havetwo kids in front facing car seats. No babies here.


Gina Hurst said...

I guess you didn't hear the new recommendations. You are supposed to keep your kids rear facing until 2!!! I think that people that came up with that are nuts and don't have kids!!

bruinjack said...

Kids under 2 in car accidents sitting in forward facing car seats suffered some major head and neck injuries. Yeah, it sucks that their knees are in their chests by the time they are 2, but I suppose that beats whiplash and other painful injuries. It was a European study.