Friday, August 05, 2011

blogging by text (mobil blogging how to)

I don't have a smart phone... does that mean I am not smart?

I remember when I was a kid and we all got new MP3 players for christmas, my mom couldn't work them to save her life. I seriously thought it was a qualification for motherhood to be electronically illiterate, now that I am a mom, I know it is. 

That being said, I can text, I can call and I can take pictures on my phone, and I am happy with that much. 

Then I thought, wouldn't it be cool if I could blog these pictures that I take with my phone right after I take them. I was this (holding my fingers about 2 inches apart) close to begging my hubby for an iphone. (but honey our posterity needs an iphone) 

So I Googled it. And guess what... you totally can do it without a fancy smanshy smart phone.


You don't need a smart phone, you can just text pictures or words and it will put it on your blog for you. just  a warning though, you do have to be able to send and receive MMS (multimedia messages) to post pictures. You can still post words if you dont have this feature. 

I may be the only person out there that doesnt know this, then again, I am probably the only person out there without a smart phone. But since this is going to change my life I think you need to know it. plus it makes me feel better thinking that other people are also not smart and poor like me. 

So here we go...

How to blog from your (not smart) phone.

There are two ways to do it, I will tell you the MUCH easier faster way, but if you find a tutorial on the other way, by all means try it... but this way is WAY easier.

1. Go to your Dashboard

2. Click on Settings

3. Choose the "email & mobil" tab

4. Scroll down to the heading "mobil devices"

5. Click the link "add a mobil device"

6. Get on your phone and text the code that is in the pop up window to 

(don't send it to the phone number it gives. You can still text words to your blog if you cannot send MMS, in this case just text the code to the number it gives.)

7. wait a few seconds and the window will change to tell you that it worked. And you will receive a text saying that it is ready. 
8. Next time you text something (text, picture, both) to it will appear magically on your blog. 

I think that is AMAZING!!! This is seriously going to change the way I blog. I can't wait. :D

Katie you asked about pixilated pictures. My best guess is that because when you text them, your phone resizes them smaller. I don't have a solution, sorry. Maybe there is a way to turn off the resizing, but I doubt that it would send then, it might be too big. That does seem to be a problem. Does anyone have a solution?


Ashlee said...

I'm Ashlee and I don't have a smart phone either and I am poor ;)Thanks for the info. I can't wait to try it out!

Margaret said...

That WAS easy... :)

rachel said...

no smart phone for me either! thanks for the tip.