Saturday, July 30, 2011

if my phone could talk... this is what it would say.

Sadly my phone went kapoot the other day. 

Thankfully just a few days ago I bluetoothed all my pictures off of it. What an awesome coincidence. 


Kirsten said...

I love it!!!

Katie said...

Oh my gosh,this post totally made my day. Crying baby pictures and all (which you know are my favorite, lol). I love that nowadays we can document every little piece of our lives, not just the "important" parts, when really the little pieces are more important than the holidays, etc. So awesome, thanks for sharing those!

BECKY said...

wow your phone takes really good pics!!! love the crab fabric! love all these posts! And i agree... what the heck were people thinking when they made all that lace on the dresses!!!