Friday, July 01, 2011

good luck seeing them...

Kem has sprouted two more teeth.

Good luck seeing them though, she won't show anyone. It seems as though she is purposely hiding them.

But I know someone, someone really special that can get her to show them to the world, this is how it goes...
Daddy: Kem please show us your teeth.
Kem: No way jose.

Daddy: Ok girly you know what that means, Ill have to tickle you.
Kem: Lets see you try!
Daddy: allright your asking for it.
Kem: No daddy, don't, it won't work... I will never surrender.  

Daddy: Kem your loosing, I see your teeth.

Kem: i have the best daddy in the whole world.
Mommy: agreed.


BECKY said...

SUPER cute post!!!

Katie said...

Cute teeth!! She looks like a sweetheart! Love it!

ErinandShane said...

what a cute post! I love the picture sequence-made me smile after a long day, thank you.

Jed and Amanda said...

Ok she is absolutely gorgeous! What a beautiful girl, and a nice Daddy too. That's a compliment for you, Jared. Rare, I know :)

Victoria said...

best post ever.