Thursday, July 14, 2011

I want one of these!

Nuff said!

Oh and incase you haven't noticed, I am going through a blogging drought. 
I dont want to do it.
I dont think about doing it.
I dont have time to do it. 

And honestly out of the one billion things that I NEED to accomplish each day, and the 15 things that I actually do accomplish each day, blogging is the thing that has been pushed to the wayside. 

I am still here.

I am still a blogger.

I will keep blogging. 
(just not sure when.)


Katie said...

I don't care if you blog one day a week or 7 days a week, it makes my day every time. Do what you want lady! Love ya!

BECKY said...

It's makes my day too. :) So keep it up when you can!

As for the elephant... have another kid instead of an elephant. :)

ErinandShane said...

I too have taken a leave of your best, you'll always have readers ;)