Monday, April 27, 2015

For the first time.

My children are so different from each other. Kroten is a go-getter. He takes life head on. Kemiry is definitely more hesitant and cautious. She is like her dad, a little bit OCD and more methodical. Kman is spontaneous, disorganized and carefree, a little like his mama. Kroten learned to ride his bike zero to sixty in 2 minutes. Kemiry has had lesson number one and is not ready to ride solo yet. That's ok, she will do it when she is ready. She did the same thing with potty training.

love my cautious, timid beautiful little girl. 


BECKY said...

Keep these up!!! I love them! So fun to learn about them!; crazy that they're so different! I would have labeled them as the opposite of what they are!

danijackson865 said...

Try taking her petals off and using her bike as a balance bike. She'll learn to balance and push herself around without petals getting in the way and eventually you can put them back on and she'll have it down. It worked for both of our boys and though they are two years apart they learned within days of each other.