Monday, December 03, 2012

Keminaters as of late...

I am so in love with this terrible two molar teething temper tantrum throwing beautiful girl of mine.

She is a handful for sure, but she is going through some amazing growth right now and I love watching it.

The things I love about kem right now...

- She is talking more and more and her high pitch voice is so cute!
- She runs and skips everywhere.
- She is potty training like a semi pro (semi because she is not quite pro)
- if you leave her alone and be really sneaky in observing her, she will sing loudly
- she gets excited when you ask for her help
- she is a little OCD and cupboards have to be shut and the toilet seat has to be down and her cup has to be on the right side of her plate etc.
- she can't sleep without her blanket and plug
-her hair is growing so long
- she likes to wrestle with daddy and brother
- she calls her hair ties and bows pretties
- chocolate milk
- she loves babies and is a mom at heart
- She is not picky AT ALL when it comes to food
- she likes to cuddle but only for a few minutes before she is off to the next big thing
- she loves to color and paint and cut
-she says "happened??" when something big happens
- she loves to have fun
-she would pick pink over any other color
- she can only watch about 5 minutes of a movie unless it is go diego go or caillou
- she is finally growing out of some of her 9 month clothes.
- she carries her purse around and puts random stuff in it and calls it her "bag"
- she loves candy
- she loves nail polish
- She wears her rain boots that are four sizes too big EVERYWHERE!
- she does everything that brother does
- she gives awesome kisses and great hugs
- she wants a "small present" for christmas
- her laugh!!!!!
- the way she lights up when she discovers something
-she is all girly girl

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Katie said...

She is such a beautiful little girl, I hope we get to meet her someday! I'm definitely having more fun with my second 2 yr old than I did with my first, lol!