Saturday, December 01, 2012

Crèche exhibit

I have been telling the kiddos all day that we were going to see Jesus. I tried to make it clear that jesus was not actually going to be there, but I think they thought that maybe he really was going to be there. '

There were over 1000 nativity sets and a live nativity. K man kept asking if we could get closer to the live nativity, which makes me think that he thinks the doll was the actual baby jesus.

We got to dress up and take pictures as the nativity scene. Tonight he prayed that we would be able to do it again.

That is the live nativity scene (with the baby jesus) and several of the nativities behind the kiddos.

My little mary. ♥

Love them... and this photo!

I would say it was a success. 

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Teresa said...

Precious! Was this exhibit local?