Friday, June 29, 2012

Miss me???

Dear blog, blog followers and future posterity,

I promise I think of you on a daily basis. I have all the coolest blog posts archived in my head, one day I will get the time to get them all out. But for now, I am a busy mom cleaning and folding and running errands and a business and so on so forth and taking occasional naps in the middle of all of that.

This sums up our summer so far for the most part...

Jared grew a mustache...
It was gross.
I hated it.
He only did it for good luck on the softball field.
He has since gotten rid of it.
But it made him feel like a man.
 I love him.

I tell him every time I take a picture of him that if he makes those goofy faces, one day they will haunt him. And now it is going on the blog, because he just does not listen.

And the rest of the summer (in between the CRAZINESS) is spent TRYING to relax... 
baby girl has it down. Oh what life would be like to be pushed in the stroller and be fed snacks all day. sigh*

So for now, dear blog and followers and future posterity, know this, I think of  you daily and will catch up soon.