Saturday, June 16, 2012

Daddy was in charge.

I have a sneaking feeling that Kem will be our accident prone child and that this will be an interesting summer. This particular accident happened at the grocery store when Kem was climbing on the stroller (Kinda like i always tell her not to.) and k man was sitting on the front keeping the stroller stable. K man stood up and Kem's weight threw the stroller back and her nose met the ground. poor baby. I am pretty sure its broken. :( bring on the summer.


Katie said...

Trenty is the same way! I can't remember how many times he's fallen and smacked his noggin! The most bloody accidents are usually in his mouth. Gotta love two year olds ; )

BECKY said...

:( SAD

carizolli said...

OUCH! I can hardly look at that picture :( Poor girl!