Friday, April 20, 2012

black eye.

What kind of mother am i that i let this happen to her beautiful face. Ok ok its not my fault and i am not a bad mom, i just feel really bad. Every time i look at her i see her big shiner and my heart breaks a little. It makes me feel better that when asked about her owie she points to the wrong cheek. Lol. it clearly does not hurt as bad as it looks. However, she sneezed yesterday and after she sneezed she grabbed her bruised eye brow. It was super cute. Poor baby. :(

oh. . . I forgot to mention how it happened. She pulled the sewing machine off the desk and it fell on top of her. It was holding up a piece of fabric which i left hanging down at her level hence the guilt i feel. :( could have been worse. A prayer of thanks from this mama was offered.


BECKY said...

HOLY CRAP that's a scary thing to have fall... I'll definitely be paying attention to that at our place. and E has had a shiner too... and it does make you sad!!!

Katie said...

Oh, poor baby girl! If it makes you feel better, Trenty has fallen off of any surface in our house that is taller than 2 feet. This includes the stairs... multiple times. Dang two year olds, lol! If he wasn't so cute, I'd put him in a straight jacket, ha.

carizolli said...

Ouch! Tienna pulled the lamp off my bedside table was a heavy, wroght-iron lamp! The lamp had more damage than she did though. Whew. That could have been very bad!