Thursday, February 02, 2017

Dolly May Lund

My grandmother passed away tonight. We weren't terribly close. All my childhood I thought she was grumpy and depressed. I do remember how cute her and my grandpa were and I remember thinking that they were in love. I remember the garden.  I remember lots of floral prints and more Avon products than a person could use in a lifetime. She loved animals, I remember that. She played piano and sang and she loved Jesus.

In more recent years, until we moved away, my grandma and I became closer. I learned that she had an interesting sense of humor and was quite sarcastic. She was grumpy and depressed, but kind of funny. She loved beautiful things (hence the Avon and floral prints) She had a rough life which I learned about as I showed her pictures and asked her questions about her mom.

Like I said, grandma and I were not super close, but this is still tough and confusing. I will miss her here on this earth and the association that we did have, but I am so happy that she is able to be with Everett and see her mother again. She gets to see her daughter Rosie and her son who have also left the earth. She gets to be with the savior and learn more about the gospel. I love thinking about the reunion and the orientation to paradise on the first day home. She didn't want to die, she gave specific instructions to keep her on life support, but I feel strongly that she got over it while in the hospital and that it was easy to let go and move on. I think she is happy now.

I told the kids about her passing and they had lots of questions. "Why did she die now?" "How is she in heaven already if her body isn't in the tomb yet?" "Why did they turn off the tank?" (Life support) "why didn't I get to see her one more time?" "How old is she in heaven?" "Was she good or bad on earth?" And many more. Kem cried more then I thought she would. Kroten said he is happy for her. 

These experiences are good for us. We need to feel sorrow and we need to ask Heavenly Father for comfort. My hope is that she is happy and that I can hug her again one day when we are both perfect. 

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