Sunday, January 03, 2016

Light Housing

I know I say it a lot, but I love where we live.

Across the river from us is a state park in Washington called Cape Disappointment. It is called that because the sailor who discovered it was trying to find the columbia river, passed the entrance to it and landed here. He was disappointed that he missed his mark.

There are two light houses here, one being the oldest working lighthouse on the west coast. It is also the only place on the west coast with two lighthouses within two miles. The second was built because the first was too far in the river cove and boats coming from the North could not see it.

I also learned that all light houses have unique light patterns and day marks that are its own unlike any other light house. that is why some light houses have stripes and some are plain and some are red and some black or blue.

There is a large possibility that my love for lighthouses came from my mother. She loves the beach and the ocean and lighthouses. It was fun exploring them with her.