Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Mother's Day tea party

I cannot say enough wonderful things about kem's pre k. I would recommend it to anyone. It has been the most amazing program.

Kem is pretty shy and has some major insecurities. Asking her to do anything challenging or with potential for error, she will automatically refuse. She has grown so much in this class. She even performed in the events of the day in front of all the other parents. I wa Sao proud. 

Her teacher is amazing.  She will come home and randomly tell me facts, such as, owls regurgitate their food to feed their babies. This means they throw up in their mouth. Or buckaroos would sleep out under the stars in sleeping bags. Bitterflies live in chrysalis' before they become butterflies and they eat a lot so they can grow into a butterfly. 

We love pre k and I. Can't believe kindergarten is next. She is still a baby. :(

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