Saturday, January 18, 2014

Above the clouds.

We decided to go hiking as a family today. It was awesome. Let me tell you why...

1. It was beautiful. I definitely get the winter blues in January. And this was the perfect vitamin D boost I needed. 

2. The princess, although so cute, is well known for her catch phrase, "hold me" but she did the ENTIRE hike all on her own two feet,and even ran parts of it. she insisted that we stop every once in a while to stretch. 

3. I have been working a lot lately. (Were Saving for a house) so it was a nice family outing. It's times like these that remind me why we have families. 

4. It was beautiful above the clouds. 

5. This monkey got his energy out. I guess I use that phrase too much because he likes to use it against me bysaying  things like "we need to go to the park to get my energy out"

6. He has had a beard for 3 months now, and today he finally got to be a mountain man. Maybe he will get rid of it now?

7. I knew we were having pizza at work so it was nice to burn all those calories beforehand. Plus the view was incredible.

You forget how much you need to get out until you finally do it.  

It was wonderful.  

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BECKY said...

Love the stretching pic!