Wednesday, November 30, 2011


You know I don't like to do this, but I was going through all the pictures and realized there is a lot from October, I was about to file them all away when this thought popped in my head... "what if kem asks about her first halloween?" Then I remembered that it wasn't her first halloween and still felt just as bad skipping over it. So here it is... october 2011...

Jared's brother, Jason and his wife Melissa came to visit. 
It was so much fun and we miss them tons. We went to the coast and did lots of crabbing. ..

You can barely see it, but my finger is pointing to a teeny tiny baby crab. Cool huh.  

We went to a cool old light house.

More crabbing...

And then they all went to a BYU vs OSU football game while kem and I hit up the outlet mall.  

Apparently k man ate a lot, which for him is a big deal.

Kem learned to walk!!
I know... crazy... right?!

I broke a lens!
it was sad... but we move on. 

We picked pumpkins...

As always.

Kem just loved every minute of it ;)

Kroten worked on his camera skills...

We carved said pumpkins!
Kroten hated the guts. He absolutely would not touch them. After this picture, we forced him to have the experience and he actually cried. Poor little man. 

Our halloween costumes were somewhat disappointing, much like my blogging, I did not have time nor the money for cool ones, so I resorted to last years models. K man however begged me to be a scary pumpkin, so i did make his costume. 

I just love having my picture taken...

 Our happy fam on halloween. K man is not scared, this is what he does when we tell him to smile. It is horrible. 

We went camping...
and I took my first time laps star pic. It was a fun 15 min of sitting in the pitch dark in the middle of a campground parking lot looking at the stars. I was shocked at what came out of the camera. 

And that is OCTOBER in a nut shell. Whoo, glad that is over.